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Everyone Wins at First-ever World Vision Cup

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They may not realize it yet but the first-ever World Vision Cup this past May held more significance than the FIFA World Cup for 160 youth from 12 countries, because it played a major role in shaping their young lives.
Young people from all around the world gathered in Recife, Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup to play soccer and speak out against the violence and inequalities they face in their communities.

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The event was organized by World Vision Brazil, and even included a team of eleven youth from Canada, as well as youngsters from: Brazil, Mongolia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ethiopia, South Korea, Australia and Germany.
The winner of the World Vision Cup was Brazil, followed by runners up: Haiti and Ethiopia. But the Cup’s biggest achievement was uniting these young people and proving that a soccer game can bind many cultures and languages toward one common cause: a violence-free world that is more just and secure for children.
At the end of the weeklong event, the youth came together to write the ‘Letter of Recife’, which outlines their recommendations for how achieving a society free of violence and injustice. The letter will be presented to government representatives, the United Nations and to each of the participating countries.
Nineteen-year-old Eduardo from Brazil is looking forward to sharing his experience with others from around the world. “I myself grew up in violence. My dad was a thief and dragged me into crime and violence. Now I am working at finding solutions to these issues affecting my generation and the World Vision Cup is an amazing opportunity to call on leaders to take action.”




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