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An Honour Meeting our Sponsored Child

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Canadians sponsors anna sklar and her husband visit with oliver and his family in the dominican republic

Enjoying a visit with Oliver and his family. Oliver is thrilled to receive a few gifts from his sponsors.

Was it really only a few weeks ago that we returned from our trip to the Dominican Republic?

What an adventure we had, our small group of five people from All Nations Church in Sudbury, Ont. We drove across the island and back, over mountains, through rainstorms. It was crazy, and it was so good.

The trip was truly special to my heart. You see, we got to meet Oliver. The boy whose picture is on our fridge, and who sent us his handprint a few months ago. Oliver is our sponsored child. We actually got to see him, talk to him, see his smile, and meet his family. And the distance between our worlds was reduced to nothing for a short time in a small village in Miches, Dominican Republic.

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Meeting Oliver
Oliver’s village is tucked away in the countryside on the northeast coast of the island, and I’m so glad World Vision staff were able to find him, along with the 56 other children that our church sponsored back in November 2012. He lives in a rented house just outside the village, with his mother, stepfather and two younger sisters. The family managed to buy some land and are now saving to build a house of their own. We hear hope in their voices.

Oliver is shy and shakes our hands in greeting. We enjoy watching his face as he opens the gift we brought for him. We talk to Oliver and his parents through an interpreter and discover a little more about our sponsored child. His favourite subject is math, he likes to play soccer and baseball, he helps his stepfather at the rice factory sometimes, he has a good friend he likes to hang out with, and he’s a helpful son and a good big brother to his sisters.

Seeing the Difference With Our Own Eyes
As we are leaving, Oliver runs into his house and brings out some coconuts. He hands them to us – a gift from his family. They give out of the little they have, and we learn from their example. We thank them, we wave from the road, and our visit comes to an end.

The drive back through the mountains seems more peaceful than the drive in. We’ve seen Oliver and we’ve seen the hope available for him. He is healthy, happy, loved and in capable hands. We have seen with our own eyes how our sponsorship is at work in the Miches community.

Thank you, World Vision, for helping Oliver and for giving us the opportunity to meet him. It was an honour. Now… when can we go back?

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Anna Sklar and her husband are sponsors who met Oliver in the Dominican Republic.​​​​​​​​​​




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