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Emily, from Colombia, is drawing a picture for her sponsor Sonja Hadley, in Canada.
Emily draws a picture for her sponsor. Photo: Astrid Zacipa/World Vision
Earlier this year, one of our child sponsors, Sonja Hadley, posted this message on our Facebook Wall:

“Today I received a lovely letter from our 10-year-old sponsored girl in Colombia. Her name is Emily. I thought I would share part of it as it is so touching. She says:

‘I want you to know that I have a special place where I keep all your postcards and letters that you send me. I keep them in a trunk that my mom had put away, but we took it out, cleaned it and decorated it with flowers. I also have a little lock for it. I am the only one who has the key to the lock and I keep it in a little hiding place because it is one of my biggest treasures and I have you in my heart all the time.’

I was very touched by Emily's story.”

When Sonja learned that her Facebook post would be featured in Childview, she asked if we could find and publish a photo of her sponsored child’s trunk. I have to admit, I wanted to see that trunk, too. So I contacted my colleague Astrid Zacipa who works in Columbia.

We were in luck: Astrid had travel plans to visit Emily’s community and she was willing to take the pictures we needed. 

Here is Emily and her trunk.

More importantly, here is what Emily had to say to Astrid:
Astrid: How do you feel when you receive letters from your sponsors?
Emily: I feel very happy to get news from them. Something in my heart tells me that I need them. They are close every time I read their letters. I feel very happy because they are providing for part for my life.

A: Why do you keep the letters? What do they mean to you?
E: I keep these letters because they are a part of my life that makes me happy, because I can learn more about my sponsors when I read them.

A: What can you tell them about the trunk?
E: The trunk keeps many special things: the letters, the postcards, and stuff that they have sent me, such as stickers. Right now, I am so happy—my words get stuck in my throat trying to say everything I feel.

A: Who gave this trunk to you?
E: My grandfather gave it to me to keep all my letters and photos, because my grandfather is overjoyed that I have sponsors, like mine. He says that he is happy for them because they help me and make me feel happy.

A: What are your dreams?
E: I would like to study something related to veterinary care. And when I’m older and if it is God’s will, to visit my sponsors.

A: What would like to tell your sponsors?
E: Dear Sonja and Ken, you are in my heart. I love you. You are the most special gift I have ever received from God. Every night I pray that you will always be fine and in good health. May God protect and bless you!





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