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12-Years-Old and Homeless: Sonia's Story

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Sonia from Burundi stands with a large brick on top of her head.
​Sonia spends most days searching for odd jobs that pay in food. She is only 12 years old. 
Sonia from Burundi sits tired and hungry
Sonia has to fend for herself because her parents are far away looking for work.
Meet Sonia, she’s 12 and lives in Burundi, Africa. Her greatest wish is to have a pen and notepad and to go to school. But sadly, Sonia’s never been to school. She spends most of her days trying to earn something to eat – and many days she goes hungry. 

Alone and starving
Sonia is so young and all alone. Her parents had no choice but to leave her while they went to a far away village to look for work. So she works long hours every day, carrying clay bricks, working in fields or collecting firewood, hoping to make enough money for a few vegetables. Some days she’s successful, but there are many times when she eats nothing for days. And when she’s finished with her grueling day, there’s no true rest for Sonia. She’s homeless and sleeps wherever she can, covered only in a thin sheet. Recently, she’s been unable to see at night – a symptom of malnutrition – and fears going blind altogether. Not to mention all the other reasons a girl on her own has to be afraid of.

The Need for Sponsorship has Never Been Greater
Sonia’s story is heartbreaking. But what’s sadder is that there are thousands of other children just like her. Abandoned, vulnerable, sick and hungry. That’s why your sponsorship is needed. World Vision programs work, and with your support we can help empower children like Sonia and their communities to be self-sufficient, healthy and happy with a bright future.




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