Write Your Sponsored Child

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WATCH VIDEO: See the incredible journey your letters and emails take to reach your sponsored child.


Boy reads the letter he received from his sponsor to his mom
Not only do children love receiving letters from their sponsors, the whole family does too!
Writing your sponsored child is easy and can be incredibly rewarding. It's a great way to get closer and stay connected to your child and their family.
Sponsored children love receiving letters, cards, and photos from their sponsors - these often become their most treasured possessions. By sharing through a letter, your sponsored child has the opportunity to write back and share, too. Most importantly, your letters show your sponsored child that someone in Canada cares for them.
Below are a few things to keep in mind when writing your sponsored child.

Addressing Your Letter

Please address your letter to our local office in your sponsored child's country. 

Find your child's National Office mailing address.

Here is an example of what a mailing address should look like:

World Vision Kenya
P.O. Box 50816
Nairobi, Kenya
Child ID#: KEN 12345-1234
Child's First Name: Samuel


Please write your sponsored child's first name and ID number on the back of the envelope and on any letter or card you include inside.

For privacy and child-protection reasons, we ask that you do not put your return address, email address or phone number on any material inside the envelope you send.

International Postal Rates

For postal rates, please refer to Canada Post's International Rates Lists.
Letter Writing Tips
  1. A simple one-page letter is ideal. Share about yourself, your family and your interests. If you have kids, ask them to add their own notes or drawings.
  2. If you choose to include something special, please select flat, inexpensive items that will fit in a regular 6" x 9" envelope, such as photos, stickers or pencils.
  3. Do not include any monies (cash or cheques) in your letters to your sponsored child. Money will often be confiscated by local customs officers and we cannot guarantee these funds will arrive. As an alternative, we recommend that you send a Special Gift using your online account. Special Gifts ensures that your donation is securely processed, receives a tax receipt, and most importantly, goes towards the most pressing needs in your sponsored child's community.
  4. Do not send any large parcels to your sponsored child. Many countries charge high taxes and duties for large parcels to clear customs. This expense is passed onto the local World Vision office in your sponsored child's country. If the duties and taxes are too high, the package may not be accepted.
  5. Consider your sponsored child's environment, traditions, and culture when writing your child. Being mindful of sensitivities will help you build a relationship.We encourage you to avoid sending large, expensive or culturally inappropriate items that might create jealousy within the community.
  6. Ask your sponsored child about the customs, traditions, climate, and culture of his or her country. You might be surprised about what you have in common.
  7. Encourage your sponsored child in their education, hobbies and endeavors.

Delivery and Hearing Back

After your letter arrives, our staff reviews and translate your letter before delivering it to your child. Depending on where your sponsored child lives, especially in remote areas, it may take some time to deliver your letter and receive a response. ​



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