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​As a registered charity, World Vision Canada ​automatically provides a tax receipt for all qualified donations totaling $15 or more. Annual tax receipts are typically mailed out in February.

Go digital and get your tax receipt sooner!

When you sign up for digital tax receipts through your My World Vision account, you’ll receive an email notification and a PDF version of the tax receipt as soon as it’s available. Plus, all future tax receipts will be stored securely in your online account, where you can access them any time and print a hard copy when you need it.​

The deadline to sign up for digital tax receipts is January 11Individuals who do not sign up by January 11, will be mailed a printed receipt in February.

To sign up for digital tax receipts:

  1. ​​Log in​ or register for a My World Vision account.
  2. Once logged in, go to the "My Donation & Receipts" section.
  3. Click the "Online" option under Tax Receipts and you're done.
Important Notice: To ensure you receive your digital tax receipt via email, please click here to learn how to safe list World Vision email.

Have a question? We are here to help! 

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will receive a tax receipt?

Individuals, families, groups and businesses who give $15 or more in a calendar year will automatically receive a tax receipt.

Churches, schools and other non-profit organizations only need to provide our Charitable Tax Number for their accounting purposes.

Who can claim a tax receipt?

With the exception of spouses who can claim each other’s tax receipts, only the person whose name is on the tax receipt can claim it.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Printed tax receipts are typically mailed out in February. If you’ve signed up for digital tax receipts, you will receive an email in late January with a PDF version of your tax receipt. Plus, you'll be able to access your receipt through your online account.

How can I access my tax receipt online?

To access your tax receipt online, log in or register for a My World Vision account, go to "My Donation & Receipts" and click the "Online" option. Your digital tax receipt should be ready in late January.

Note: Changes made to your tax receipt preferences in My World Vision after January 11, will not come into effect until the following tax year.  

What are the benefits of signing up for digital tax receipts?

In addition to no longer having to sift through paper work, signing up for a digital tax receipt means that:

  • You’ll have access to your tax receipt faster.
  • All your future tax receipts will be securely stored in your online account, where you can reference them or reprint them in the future.
  • More money goes towards the programs you are supporting and less to the administrative costs associated with mailing out tax receipts.

What donations will be included in my upcoming tax receipt?

All donations made on or prior to December 31 will be counted towards your current year’s tax receipt. Donations being mailed to World Vision must be post-marked December 31 or prior in order to be counted for the current year’s tax receipt.

How do I safe list World Vision email so I can receive my digital tax receipt?

To ensure you never miss out on any of our emails, please click here​  to learn how to add World Vision to your email’s safe list.

What if I've lost my tax receipt?

If you require a replacement receipt you can request one by logging into your My World Vision account or by calling us toll free at 1-866-595-5550. Please note that when you request a replacement receipt, your original one is no longer valid because a new receipt number will be issued.



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