How Child Sponsorship Works

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After more than 50 years, we’ve learnt that the best way to improve the lives of children is to improve their communities.

Your decision to sponsor a child has a lasting impact on your sponsored child, family and community.

With your support, we work with children, families and local community leaders to provide long-term solutions to poverty. Through the eyes of your sponsored child, you’ll see a community struggling with poverty and injustice develop into one that is thriving.

A Journey Towards Self-Sufficiency

It usually takes about 15 years to reach a stage where your sponsored child's community is self-sufficient. Here's how the process works:

Sponsorship Helps Children and their entire Community


A Cambodian father describes the positive changes in his community over the years.

Soun, 10, lives with her parents and five siblings in a rural community of about 100 people in Cambodia. Her father Kham-On described the family’s community before sponsorship:

“My family used to get sick from drinking and cooking with water from the river, and our community was dirty and full of flies because there was no sanitation. One of my children passed away when he was just three months old.”

When a Canadian started sponsoring Soun, her life improved dramatically. “The village now has water pumps and we can access clean water,” Soun’s father said. World Vison also funded a loan program to build latrines in homes.

“I can see the difference these improvements have made to my community… I don’t worry so much now that my children are much healthier.”​ 


Watch the video to discover how child sponsorship transforms struggling communities into thriving ones.​​



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