Events that Affect Your Sponsored Child

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Afrin, 18, a former sponsored child who is now a first-year student at a medical college.

During your sponsorship journey, events may happen that change the life of your sponsored child, his or her family or community. When such an event affects your ability to continue sponsoring your child, we will contact you as soon as we know.
Some life-changing events that would have an impact on your sponsorship include sponsored children growing up, graduating from school or moving to a new community (when this happens, we are often not informed of a child’s new home and we are not able to facilitate future communications).
Another possibility is when your sponsored child’s community becomes self-sufficient and World Vision therefore begins to transition out of this area.
When we prepare to leave a community, we send sponsors information with several weeks’ notice so they are able to send a farewell message to their sponsored children.
We then introduce these sponsors to other children who have been waiting for Canadian support and friendship. Each sponsor is pre-assigned a child to help make this transition seamless and to ensure these children enjoy the same benefits of sponsorship without delay or interruption.
Contact Us
If you would prefer to sponsor a different child from the one assigned, call us at 1-866-595-5550 - we are here to help!
We understand that changing a sponsored child may be difficult because of the relationship you have formed. We are happy to answer any questions—call us at the number listed above.
Regardless of the situation that leads to your sponsored child no longer participating in our program, please know that your support made a valuable impact.
For more information please check our Sponsorship FAQ section​.



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