Special Gifts FAQ

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How do Special Gifts work?

When you send a Special Gift, our local staff works with your sponsored child, their family, and community to determine what is needed most. Your sponsored child could receive items such as school supplies, clothing, livestock, or other items that they will benefit from.
The entire community also can benefit from gifts such as agricultural tools, building supplies, a water tank, or support for a local school or clinic. Any amount over $200 will be used to benefit the community that your sponsored child lives in.

IMPORTANT: Some countries have restrictions related to Special Gifts - see Country Restrictions below.
When you give a Special Gift, you will receive a thank you letter and photo from your sponsored child that shares how your gift is making a difference. Please allow at least five to six months to receive a response.
Why is there a minimum gift amount of $100 for a Special Gift?

This gift level has been requested by our staff working with sponsorship communities overseas. They've found that the rising prices of goods and fuel, along with the devaluation of the dollar, make it difficult to purchase meaningful gifts for less than this amount. Our staff members always work with your sponsored child’s family to make sure gifts will help meet the long-term, as well as immediate, needs of the child, family and community. Also, this minimum gift amount helps ensure efficient stewardship of our staff's time and resources.

When will I hear back from my child about a Special Gift?

Please allow at least five to six months to hear back from your sponsored child after you send a Special Gift. Once our community staff have received a notification about your gift, it takes time to meet with the family to determine the most pressing needs, travel to purchase items in town, write a thank-you letter, and send it to you by international mail.

Can you tell me what my child's greatest needs are before I give a Special Gift?
Our local staff monitors and evaluates all sponsored children and community progress throughout the year. While staff may be aware of many needs, circumstances may change and it’s best to meet with your sponsored child and family to determine the most important need.
How do I give an extra gift to my sponsored child's community?

ou can give a gift directly to your child's community by calling call us at 1-866-595-5550.

How will my Special Gift be used?

Once you've given a gift, our local staff meet with your sponsored child and their family to determine their greatest needs. Then, together, they will purchase the items. They will also send you a photo and a letter that shows how your sponsored child and family have benefited.
Country Restrictions
The following countries and communities have requested that Special Gifts sent by sponsors be used to purchase a gift that will benefit the entire community (as opposed to just the sponsored child and his or her family):
  • China
  • Cambodia
  • Georgia
  • Laos
  • Emmanuel, El Salvador
The following countries and communities are unable to process Special Gifts:  
  • Lebanon
  • Eruwok, Indonesia
  • Port Numbay, Indonesia
If your sponsored child lives in Lebanon or Eruwok and Port Numbay, Indonesia, we recommend sending a Gift to Your Sponsored Child's Community through the World Vision Gift Catalogue as an alternative.

Note: If you have any further questions regarding Special Gifts, please contact us at 1-866-595-5550.


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