Dave Toycen's Retirement

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Dave, his wife, Diane, and two of their grandchildren.
​Dave, his wife, Diane, and two of their grandchildren.

A note to friends

For the past 18 years as president and CEO of World Vision Canada, I’ve had the opportunity through Childview to share with you the many different ways you’re impacting the lives of children as a sponsor. I’m so thankful for this chance and for the friendship we’ve built together over the years. It’s for this reason that I want to share some other news.

After 41 years with World Vision, I have decided to retire. This is not a decision I have taken lightly. It’s the most difficult one I have made in my entire vocational journey. It’s my firm belief that it’s time for a new leader with new ideas and different experience.

The biggest challenge to me is stepping away from the connections and relationships Dave Toycen, President I’ve formed with supporters like you, and the tremendous team we have here at World Vision. But these also encourage me. It’s through these interactions that I’ve heard of the personal connection that you have with your sponsored child, or learned of your commitment to make a difference in our world. And I believe that won’t change.

I want to assure you that World Vision is in good hands. We have a great senior management team, and our board of directors is a group of extraordinary Canadians who are as committed to addressing the needs of children as I am. The board has begun the search for a new president, and I will remain in charge until this person is chosen.

Most of all, I want to thank you for your support, your prayers and the frequent encouragement I’ve received from many of you over the years through letters, notes and conversation.

I believe so strongly that with a new leader, there will be many more great things accomplished by World Vision. My confidence is based on one great idea: In the end, what we’re doing belongs to God, and it’s very clear that God loves the children.

Thank you again for your generous support and encouragement.


This article appears in the Winter 2014/2015 issue of Childview.




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