Sam Says: Wishing for an extra Merry Christmas

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Spinning dreidels during Hanukkah, listening to Christmas music and unwrapping gifts on the big day. Let’s not forget the last-minute shopping on December 24th! Another fun tradition! I love celebrating Christmas with my family, and lately I’ve been thinking about Chana’s Christmas. When I started sponsoring Chana, I found out she had lost both of her parents. Thankfully, she lives with relatives who treat her well. But I wonder, does Chana celebrate the holidays with her family the way I do?

I know I am lucky and blessed to have hot chocolate and whipped cream on the morning of the 25th surrounded by some of my favourite people. My grandpa and his girlfriend (of over 30 years) come over in the morning and stay till the dinner feast. I love seeing them laughing and clinking their mugs of Irish coffee with all our other friends and family. And while all the fun traditions are happening that day, I’ll be hoping for a special Christmas for Chana and her family. A day filled with laughter and joy. And I hope Chana gets something she really wants, whatever that might be.

My good friend and I will be going shopping for Chana. We have been thinking of what she might want or need. Of course, we want to send her something pretty, but we have to be practical too. We also have to think about how hot the weather must be in Mozambique. (We think the weather in Toronto is hot in summer!) We hope our little gifts arrive in time for Christmas. Chana is such a sweetheart and is grateful for what she has. I think Chana and all the kids who need our help should have an extra Merry Christmas.

*This article originally appeared in the Winter 2013/14 issue of Childview.




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