Why I Sent My Sponsored Child a Special Gift

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​Steve and Karla show the letter and photo from Jhonny.​
​Steve and Karla show the letter and photo from Jhonny.​​

Karla Szauter from London, Ont., talks about writing letters and sending gifts to her sponsored boy in Peru

We use world vision’s website to send our sponsored child, Jhonny, emails. I find that’s much easier than sending a letter by mail to his Alto Chicama community in Peru. My husband and I have actually had quite a few letters from Jhonny and his family members. That’s been nice. And it’s funny—Jhonny says little things in his letters sometimes that remind us of ourselves. He loves soccer, which my husband and I love, too. He likes math, which was my favourite subject in school. We’d also like to visit Jhonny. (I already have my Frommer’s Peru book!) 

Before we started sponsoring Jhonny, who’s eight, my husband and I had sent a special gift to our previous sponsored child. We decided we would send one to Jhonny, too. After we sent the gift, we got a letter and a picture to show what his family was able to get with the gift. We have the photo on the fridge right now. He’s got a great big smile on his face. He’s standing in front of a little wooden bed with some new shoes and new clothes, which were bought with the gift. 

The thing for me is that the gift is tangible. Knowing that Jhonny now has a little bed to sleep on and isn’t sleeping on the floor means a lot to us. For other sponsors thinking about sending a special gift, I would say, “Don’t hesitate.” You don’t have to worry that the money is just disappearing.


A version of this article appears in the Summer 2015 issue of Childview.​




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