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Clockwise from top: Wendy, Eva, Randy and Greg.

How Greg Taylor inspired his parents

More often it's parents who are the influencers of their children. So when it’s the other way around, it’s special. Enter Greg Taylor, a teacher and photographer from Barrie, Ont., who started sponsoring 15 years ago. Greg’s the influencer. His decision to sponsor inspired his parents, Wendy and Randy Taylor, who live in Waterloo, Ont., to become sponsors and volunteer for World Vision.

The Taylors, along with Greg’s wife, Eva, are about to embark on a group trip to South Africa and Zambia later this year. “I find it nice to have a common interest,” Greg says of his parents’ work with World Vision. Both families are sponsoring multiple children in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and have created a way of life that includes volunteering as part of their everyday.

Wendy and Randy: “Greg sponsored and volunteered with World Vision well before we did. Greg sponsored his first child as a university student, and we figured if he could sponsor as a student there was no excuse for us not to sponsor a child.” Greg: “I had wanted to sponsor a child from a very young age and finally made a New Year’s resolution to do so.”

Greg: “[Eva and I] were blessed to visit our sponsored child in Guatemala in 2012, and see how child sponsorship had benefited her and her family. It was clear that our money was making a difference in the life of our sponsored child.”

Wendy and Randy: “We try to align our time with our priorities. We have been blessed in life and now want to look for ways to give back. World Vision is a great way for us to help children whom we could never help on our own. So when we have to make a choice of volunteering for World Vision or spending our time doing something else, it is not a hard decision.”

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This article originally appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Childview.




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