Everyone, especially kids, deserves to be happy

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I've been having a lot of fun lately, putting together a package for Chana, the beautiful girl our family sponsors in Mozambique. So far, I’ve decided to include a brush and some hair ties, pens and paper, colouring books, markers, playing cards and some small toys. I already know from her letters that Chana appreciates even the smallest things and I’m trying to think of small gifts she can share. Ever since Chana’s parents passed away, she’s been living with her uncle, while her two sisters live with aunts. I hope Chana and all her cousins and sisters enjoy the package. Personally, I love opening presents, so I hope I can make Chana’s gift from us feel special.

Lately, just thinking about Chana’s life has influenced how I feel about mine. I try to make sure food isn’t wasted at our house. I’m even starting to appreciate some of the things I don’t like. The braces I always hated wearing are finally off and now I can’t stop smiling. I didn’t think so at the time, but now I know I’m lucky that I had the opportunity to wear braces. My teeth are so straight. I love my new smile.

Chana is smiling in the photo I keep of her in my room. She’s really pretty. One day I hope I can meet her and her family. I think it would be an incredible experience and I’d finally get to see her life, instead of just imagining what it’s like. I know Chana’s life is very different from mine, but I think we would really get along.

I know Chana loves to study and go to church and that one of her chores is carrying water. I’m not sure if she has a lot of free time. I also wonder if she knows I like to write about her, here. It would be so cool if someone were showing my stories to her and translating my words. Maybe I’ll put a copy of the magazine in the package! But what I really want the most for Chana is for her to be happy. I can tell from Chana’s letters that she has a good heart. She deserves to be happy. All kids do.


This article originally appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Childview.




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