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Somalia: An Eye for Business

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Somalia Women
​Madina, 50, looms large as she explains how she became a successful businesswoman in just five months.​
Madina always had an eye for business. 

You have a business and you have something to give, something to share,” she says. 

Her store has been operating successfully for seven months, selling everything from food and clothing to home goods.

Only five months ago, Madina’s life was very different. 

I tended livestock. I was running after goats and camels,” she remembers. To supplement her income, she baked fried bread and collected firewood to sell. 

When World Vision started a work program in Madina’s village, she joined a crew of people building dams. Their goal was preventing frequent floods from the nearby pastures. By working together, they successfully rehabilitated 42 km of gravel roads. 

Madina received vouchers as payment, and used those to buy food. This gave her the flexibility she needed to save money and set up her own shop.

My economic situation is improving! Now it’s possible to buy the things my children need,” she says, although she hasn’t stopped there. 

I’m studying now,” she says, adding with emphasis, “I never studied before.” 

World Vision is helping Madina calculate prices, wholesale costs and profits so her business can continue to be a success.
Before, I went to other people’s shops,” she says. “Now people are coming to me.