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Children in Camps
After losing their homes and fleeing violence, from various parts of Sudan, children and families end up in camp Mayo and need to start their lives again.
​Hosna and her family live in Ottash camp in South Darfur state, which is home to 56,530 people seeking safety from conflict. Displacement forced 160,000 people in South Darfur out of their homes into camps.
Decades of conflict and environmental degradation in Sudan has caused hunger, death, and displacement. Millions are struggling to survive, especially in the western region of Darfur.
World Vision is helping to meet the urgent needs of children and families by providing food, water, education, shelter, and other emergency supplies.
Our efforts include:
  • Building latrines and wells so families can enjoy clean water and more sanitary environments
  • Protecting children and promoting equal access to education for boys and girls
  • Providing farming supplies and training to help families earn an income and grow nutritious food for their children