Raw Hope


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Herat City
Wahida, an 11-year-old girl, lost her mother five years ago. At first her father didn’t let her to go to school, but World Vision street children counselors convinced him otherwise. Wahida can now come to this center.
Fatima, 6, lives in Qasab, one of the villages in the Karokh district located about 25 km from Herat. Project Name: Wash Extension.
Decades of conflict as well as recent drought, floods, and harsh winters have made it difficult for families to grow enough food or earn an income. Millions are malnourished.
Local religious and cultural customs prevent women and girls from getting an education and participating fully in society. Mothers have limited access to quality health services and lack information about proper feeding and care for their babies. Afghan women are about 36 times more likely to die of pregnancy related causes and their newborns have the worst chance of survival in the world. Improving maternal and child health is a top priority.
World Vision has been helping families in northwestern Afghanistan since 2001. Through Raw Hope, Canadians are helping communities affected by conflict recover and become stronger.
Our efforts include:
  • Educating mothers on ways to achieve better health, nutrition and hygiene
  • Improving the quality of maternal, newborn, and child health services
  • Teaching farmers updated techniques and delivering agricultural supplies to help families earn an income