Raw Hope

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is my money going?
​Raw Hope works only in the most fragile areas in the world to provide protection and a chance of survival for the children who live there.  Raw Hope responds to urgent need, providing aid and security for children in volatile areas.

This includes everything from minimizing the risk of rape and murder of children travelling to water supplies, to helping to give children a voice through Child Parliaments.
Raw Hope currently has projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria. 

Why can't I sponsor a child in these areas?
Raw Hope works in the most dangerous places where it is extremely difficult and inefficient to establish child sponsorship programs.  Before Raw Hope, World Vision had to rely on unreliable sources of funding which prevented the provision of substantial support to those areas most in need.

Am I able to select which fragile state my donations will go to?
In order to be flexible with how Raw Hope helps children and families, our program experts use your monthly donations in any of the six countries Raw Hope works in as needed.

What will I receive as a donor?
Every Raw Hope donor receives a quarterly email newsletter, which provides project updates and shows the impact being made in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

​Can I make a one time donation to Raw Hope?
Yes! You can make a one time donation by visiting our Raw Hope donation page.​