The Cost of Conflict for Children

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Family in Rajab, an Informal Tented Settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Syrian family in Rajab, an Informal Tented Settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Credit: World Vision
  • The current cost of conflict to Syria is an estimated US$275 billion in lost growth opportunities.
  • If the conflict continues to 2020, the cost of conflict to Syria will be US$1.3 trillion.
  • This lost money will never be recovered; never be spent on children’s futures.
The staggering numbers above are outlined in a new World Vision report highlighting the financial costs of ongoing conflict for Syria and neighbouring countries.

The report, The Cost of Conflict for Children, evaluates the economic losses to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to date and into the future. Its authors recognize that a breakdown of financial costs can never be compared to the human and social costs of conflict. But the report is just one more way to shine a light on the situation and add urgency to the calls for building a lasting peace in the region. 

The need for peace now
World Vision Canada’s president, Michael Messenger states it this way:
“The bottom line is peace – it’s the only sustainable solution that will put an end to both the human and financial costs of this conflict. Canada has opened its arms to 25,000 refugees and has been a generous humanitarian donor. Now is the time for Canada to invest in the peace process by offering our diplomatic clout to ensure civilians are protected, humanitarian access is unhindered, and a political resolution is found.” 

It will take decades for Syria to recover. We need peace now so we can start planning for the enormous task of the reconstruction and long-term investment Syria will need to get back on its feet.

You can download the full report here. And watch the Voices network for an urgent action we are launching on the five year anniversary of the Syrian conflict, March 15, calling on the Government of Canada to do everything in its power to support peace in the region.

World Vision’s Response
World Vision is on the ground in Syria and surrounding countries providing food, health assistance, education, cash assistance, protection for children, clean water, sanitation and items to help families through the harsh winter. World Vision has assisted approximately 2.37 million refugees, internally displaced people and vulnerable host community members affected by the Syrian crisis since 2011.

Please take a moment to send International Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion a timely peace message​.



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