How it works

how it works: host site leaders

Your Goal:

Unite your community around change by laughing and sweating alongside them as a Host Site for the Global 6K.

Our Goal:

Make being a Host Site as easy as possible so that you can focus on REACHING OUT to your community and having fun.

(When you register you'll get the planning guide, marketing tool kit, and race day signage pack.)

The step-by-step planning guide.

how it works for your participants

Don't worry! We'll make sure each person that registers for your Host Site will be mailed their T-Shirt and Bib. Just invite them to the PARTY and they'll know what to wear.

Through World Vision's Water projects, each participant's $50 registration will provide lasting clean water to one new person. On race day each participant will walk or run the 6K with a representative child's picture and name on their bib!