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 Why Water?


World Vision is the largest non-government provider of clean water in the developing worldreaching one new person with clean water every 30 seconds!


World Vision's water projects are sustainable, comprehensive and complex. We engage the community, religious leaders, and local government. After rigorous assessment, engineers choose from different types of water points depending on the geography and the needs of a community. Projects also focus on improved sanitation and hygiene solutions like building latrines and organizing communities to implement good habits such as handwashing.


  Our Project: Eastern Rwanda


In the communities of Gashora and Rugarama, rainfall in the area is very low and few natural springs exist that provide year round sources of water. The majority of families in these communities have no choice but to draw water from dangerous crocodile infested swamps, rivers, and lakes that are teeming with harmful microorganisms. 54% of the population
mostly the childrensuffer from a variety of water-borne diseases including diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and malnutrition. This is a chief factor in the region's tragically high under-5 mortality rate of 300 probable child deaths for every 1,000 children 

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With Your Help World Vision Is Able To:

-Construct a water purification system with pipes that distributes water throughout the community
- Install a provisional water purification system until piping system is complete
-Conduct training sessions in solid waste management and hygiene practices that include hand washing, dishwashing, food storage, safe water transport and storage.
  -Develop relationships with private-sector partners to establish reliable sources of parts and equipment for the water system

Once in place, 10,500 people will be drinking safe water for the very first time!

Ways We Work