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2km race
​​Amy with her daughter, running the 2K as part of the Mississauga Marathon. 

What people like you are saying:

"At 50, this was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. The support of Team World Vision made me a marathoner out of a non-marathoner." - Mike

"I have run a marathon before, but this was so much more meaningful and fulfilling. I loved the teamwork and the agenda to make a difference." - Charrlyn

"I could not have run with a greater bunch of people! To run for a great cause if priceless." - Jen


"When I learned there was a 2KM event in the Mississauga Marathon, I thought it would be a great way to involve my 7-year-old daughter!  She was excited from the get-go!  I snapped a few pictures of her in her new Team World Vision jersey, and we created a donation page to share with our friends and family through email and Facebook.  Our fundraising goal was $500 and we raised $665!

On race day, we shuttled down to the start line and gathered with our fellow Team World Vision participants for some photo-ops, encouragement and prayer.  Ready, set, go and we were on our way!  Part jogging, part walking, we made our way through the 2KM course taking in the scenery and the experience with other runners.

We could have just walked, ran, biked or scootered around our neighbourhood for 2KMs, but this experience was one we’ll remember for our life-time.  Raising money and running for a cause was an incredible experience, but having the opportunity to share it with my young daughter was priceless.​" 
- Amy

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