Clean Water

Drilling a Borehole

Boreholes: Releasing the Power of the Underground

Ever wonder how World Vision drills boreholes to bring clean water to needy communities? Watch Meghan Markle visit a community in Rwanda as they use a manual rig to drill almost 25 metres deep. This amazing rig can be assembled in just 30 minutes and is easy to transport, even to remote locations. And it will be used in this community to drill 8 boreholes that will service 8 villages and bring clean water to 8,500 people.

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Memories of Thirst and Famine

Clara's grandmother remembers when they had nothing to eat in 1996. There was famine across Zambia and it was hard to grow crops. Dirty water made everyone in the community sick with diarrhea and cholera, leaving them weak and tired. But Clara, 12, doesn't have to worry about these risks.

World Vision recently installed a borehole in her village and hygiene training in school.

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Gardens Bring Income to Families

Clean water is for more than just drinking. Just ask Eunice, who lives in Hamaundu, Zambia. Ever since World Vision installed a borehole and hand pump, Eunice can easily water her garden right beside it.

She can now grow enough vegetables to feed her whole family, plus have some leftover to sell in the market.

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Our commitment to clean water includes Well Digging

  • Access clean water from below the ground
  • Long-term solution for communities and children
Give clean water and more today

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