Clean Water

Digging a Pipeline

Water Pipelines: Digging for Clean Water

Actor and World Vision Global Ambassador Meghan Markle joined the team for a trip to Rwanda to learn more about our efforts to bring clean water to more people around the world. Watch the video as she visits a pipeline extension project in Gasabo and discovers how wells and water pipelines change lives.

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No Longer Sick

Two months ago, Amanuel was living like so many other children in Ethiopia. Clean water was hard to find, so he and his friends had to drink what they could find. This water was contaminated with disease, so everyone was sick all the time. Amanuel missed a lot of school and his parents spent what little money they had on medications.

But not anymore. Not since World Vision came and put in a well 2 months ago. Now children are free to learn.

Give clean water and more today

Our commitment to clean water includes Water Pipelines

  • Bring clean water across long distances
  • Essential water source when wells are not an option
Give clean water and more today

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