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Clean water does more than quench thirst, it changes lives. There are more than 663 million people worldwide living without this fundamental resource. Join with other Canadians to help bring access to clean water and help people become smarter, safer, more productive and help them live longer.

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With decades of experience providing clean water to children and their communities, we've seen first-hand the amazing transformations it can bring. Here are just some of the ways clean water is impacting lives.

Solutions Inspired by Tradition

Supported by sponsors, World Vision partnered with a community in Bolivia to solve their water problem.

Taking inspiration from traditional Incan irrigation methods, we worked together to create a system of collecting rain water and combining them with pumps to improve farming yields. The result? A bounty of crops that provide healthy food and a healthy income.

Meghan Markle Meets Florence

When actor and World Vision Global Ambassador joined the team on a trip to Rwanda, she met a girl named Florence.

There's no clean water in Florence's village. In fact, she spends up to 9 hours a day travelling to the river to collect water. Water that is dirty and contaminated, often leaving her sick. She dreams of becoming a health worker, but there's no time for her to go to school. Collecting water takes up most of her day. Watch as Meghan meets Florence and witnesses the changes that clean water from World Vision brings.

Water pipelines

Water pipelines are changing lives in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing more clean water to more people.

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Teaching communities

Teaching communities about good hygiene is critical to preventing disease. See how World Vision is making a difference.

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Drilling for water

Drilling for water has been brought into the 21st Century with new technology that gets the whole community involved.

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Beyond clean water: latrines & hygiene

Diarrhea is the second largest killer of children in the world. Caused by dirty water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene, World Vision works with communities to make a difference. From hygiene education to proper sanitation facilities, we work to increase and improve access to these life-saving services.

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When a community has access to clean water, sanitation and good hygiene practices, it helps improve medical services, like preventing infections and ensuring the healthy deliveries of children.


School is one of the best ways to lift children out of poverty. But dirty water can cause dehydration and decreases a child's ability to focus and learn in school


Clean water is for more that just drinking. It's also integral to farming. When fields are properly irrigated, crop yields and livestock production can greatly increase.


In many countries in the developing world, women and children walk long distances to collect water. These journeys are dangerous, often putting their personal safety at risk.

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