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We are so excited to have you volunteer with World Vision Canada and this is the place for you to:

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    Upcoming Events!

    Are you curious what is happening in your community? Visit our Artist Collective page to see all the concerts and events that are going to be happening close to you! If one interests you please email your Regional Volunteer Coordinator and they will be happy to help you!

    Visit Artist Collective Site  


Fundraising is a Family Affair

On July 9, the Le Poidivi​ns hosted a BBQ fundraiser in their community and invited friends and family to join them for a fun day out at a local park.Read more  


Volunteering as a Way of Life

​“Go Help! We all have a purpose in life, and mine is to leave a positive mark on someone else’s life and to inspire others to do the same.” This was Joanne Hamlyn’s response when she was asked why she volunteers. For more than a decade now, Joanne has beRead more  

Wheels for Wells

Wheels for Wells

350 kilometers, 7 cyclists, one mission. On February 14, 7 Canadian and Tanzanian cyclists set out to cycle around Mt. Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds for wells and water projects in World Vision Communities.Read more  

Meet Our Regional Volunteer Coordinators:

Colleen - Central and Atlantic Canada

Jaimie - Ontario

Susanne - Alberta and British Columbia