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Women enjoys meal with sponsored child and family.
"​Meeting Britany was something beyond words. Some might call it special, maybe even magical," recalls Zaira after returning from visiting Britany, her sponsored child. "I will never forget her smile, or her beautiful eyes."
Airplane with Share your story

​When you return from visiting your sponsored child, we know you’ll want to share the experience with others. Your visit meant a lot to your sponsored child and hearing about it may inspire other Canadians to visit their sponsored children.

How can you share your story?

We would love to help share your sponsor visit experience with others. After returning from your visit, please email  and include a few memorable photos a brief reflection on your visit. We encourage you to follow the guiding questions below as you write your reflection.

Together, we can share the joy and difference that child sponsorship is making in the lives of children around the world.

What child sponsors are saying:


Alison Moore sitting with her sponsor child 



 "Meeting Sei for the first time after almost eight years of writing letters back and forth was very emotional."

                -Alison Moore in Kenya


Braam family standing with their sponsored child's family


"Our children played soccer with our sponsored girl and we got to meet her family."

                -The Braam family in South Africa


Greg and Eva kneeling with their sponsored child. 




 "Our visit was a unique experience that could never be duplicated."

                -Greg and Eva in Honduras

Tell Us About Your Visit
  1. What inspired you to visit your sponsored child?
  2. Tell us about your visit. (What did you do? What did you talk about? What did you learn?)
  3. What was most memorable about your visit?
Share your stories and photos on our communities site by emailing Visit our communities site and watch the progress unfold through photos, stories, and videos from your sponsored child’s community.​




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