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Create your own fundraising event to support World Vision’s mission to provide fullness in the life of children around the world.

We have projects to support all aspects of community development from clean water to education and projects that protect and advocate for children in over 99 countries.

It’s easy to start a fundraiser.

Step 1:  See a project that you are passionate about? Click on the link to build your own unique fundraising page. 

Step 2: Personalize your page with photos and with your reasons for fundraising.

Step 3: Tell all your friends, family, coworkers about your fundraising goal and why this project is important to you.  It’s easy to share the fundraising pages on your social media networks too.

Are you are looking to fundraise for something different, have questions or require event support with your fundraiser? Please contact Susanne Milner to assist you in your fundraising goals! She can be reached at 1-905-565-6200 Ext 4139 or ​

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