Advocacy in Action

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​Everyone can help children lead safe, healthy, and productive lives. 

​Ensuring justice for children is the core reason for our advocacy work. Explore this page to learn more about what World Vision does to help build a better world for children through engagement with governments, institutions, communities and individuals to address the causes of child poverty.

Advocacy in Action is about your involvement in our advocacy work. For example, in 2010, supporters successfully pressed the Canadian government to make child and maternal health a priority at the 2010 G8 Summit and to set aside special funds to improve the health of children and mothers living in extreme poverty.

We believe that everyone wants all children to live safe, healthy and productive lives. World Vision’s role is to help Canadians take the most effective actions possible to ensure the well-being of children living in poverty.

Current Advocacy Campaigns: No Child For Sale

This campaign focuses on boys and girls who are being pushed, forced, or trafficked into 3D work - dirty, dangerous, and degrading. Children are being sold into domestic service or marriage, tricked into sexual service, forced to beg on the street, or pushed to work in dangerous mines or factories. Learn more about how you can help end this modern-day slavery. 

How can you act?

You have a voice. We have a voice. Children around the world have a voice. Together, we can speak, and we can be heard.

Join one of our advocacy communities to stay up to date on child well-being issues and to hear about the latest action opportunities:

  • Voices for Children – Join a community of Canadians who are making a real difference in the lives of children;
  • Voices Facebook Group - Share ideas and connect with others who are working for improved child well-being;
  • Twitter – stay up to date with the latest issues affecting children.



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