Child Protection

Create a World Without Child Slavery

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Dany has been living in a public park since she was three. She should be in school, but instead, Dany spends her days sifting through garbage for recyclables to sell.
Most parents would do anything to keep their child safe from harm and danger. But what happens when a child’s safety is trumped by the need to survive?
Every day, millions of children go to work in dirty, dangerous and degrading jobs to put food in their bellies, support their families and help pay the bills. Some of them are as young as six years old.
Entertainment Tonight Canada's Erin Cebula traveled to Guatemala to see what life is like for children trapped in child labour. World Vision Ambassador Rick Campanelli, also travelled to Cambodia to see how sponsorship is making a difference in the fight against child slavery. 
One of the best ways you can take action against child exploitation is by sponsoring a child! You'll help give communities and families the resources they need to keep their children safe, healthy and in school.


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