Child Protection

Children and Mining

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Sifting to Survive

Joseph, 11, doesn’t spend his days learning multiplication tables like your average grade six student in Canada. Instead, Joseph, who lives in Mozambique, rises with the sun everyday and spends the next eight hours working in a mine, digging for gold, on an empty stomach. He dreams of one day working in agriculture, but that dream fades with each dangerous day in the gold mine. “We don’t have food and we don’t rest,” says Joseph, "We keep on working until it’s time to go home."

One of the best ways that you can help protect children just like Joseph, is through child sponsorship. When you sponsor a child, you're taking action against people who take advantage of vulnerable children, by giving communities and families the resources they need to keep their children safe, educated and healthy.

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Mining/quarrying is one of the worst forms of child labour. Worldwide, there are approximately 1,000,000 children�some as young as four and five�working in quarries and mines. They are forced by poverty into these dark, damp and frightening surroundings. They all face major risks, such as: permanent damage to their growing bodies; exposure to hazardous materials like uranium and mercury; injuries from falling into mine shafts or from collapsing tunnels.





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