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We have partnered with The New AM 740 and The New Classical FM on the Portrait of Hope campaign. Each month we’ll feature a country on the radio where World Vision works, we’ll share the needs and challenges that the children, families and their communities face and how child sponsorship can improve these communities, giving families hope for a brighter future.
Located in South Asia, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with a population of 160 million. It’s well-known for natural disasters with cyclones, tornadoes and flooding occurring almost every year.

World Vision is on the ground working to make a difference in the lives of children and their communities.

Aholla tends her chickens. The money she earns from selling eggs and chicks is helping to provide for her family.

Dolon, in the centre, almost died from acute malnutrition. Today she’s growing strong, thanks to your support.​

You can learn more about our work in these Bangladesh communities:  1. Jhinaighati 2. Haluaghat 3. Durgapur 4. Kalkini 5. Patenga 6. Shribordi 7. Morelgonj 8. Bhandaria 9. Barisal 10. Rangpur 11. Sunamganj 12. Gowainghat​

Many children have benefited from World Vision’s programs in the Bangladesh, but there are still many more who need help, you have the power to create a better world for children.  

Sponsor a child and take action against poverty, injustice and exploitation by giving communities the essentials they need to keep their children safe, healthy and in school!





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