Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Made up of volunteer members from across Canada, World Vision Canada’s Board monitors the organization’s plans and activities.

See the Additional Resources section below for a copy of our board responsibilities document and other policy documentation.


Ms. Christine Cooper 
Ms. Christine Cooper
Vice President and
Head of Corporate
Finance Division, British
Columbia, for BMO
Vancouver, BC
Ms. Yolanda Dasselaar
Ms. Yolanda Dasselaar
Marketing Manager,
Coca-Cola Canada
Toronto, ON
Ms. Sharon Dymond
Ms. Sharon Dymond
HR Consultant
Mississauga, ON
Mr. Drew Fitch
Mr. Drew Fitch
EVP & COO Kymbask Management Inc.
Calgary, AB

Mr. Michael Gartner
Mr. Michael A. Gartner
National Training Rinks
Shanty Bay, ON



Dr. Jeannie Haggerty
Dr. Jeannie L. Haggerty
Associate Professor & Research Chair,
McGill University
Montreal, QC

Ms. Deborah Holbrook
Ms. Deborah Holbrook
Pickering, ON

Ms. Nicole Kraftk  
Ms. Nicole Kraft
Associate Councillor, Riverbend Counselling and Wellness
Winnipeg, MB

Cheryl Leonhardt
Ms. Cheryl Leonhardt
Director, Leonhardt & Assoc. Inc.
Mississauga, ON

Mr. Ron McKerlie Mr. Ron McKerlie
Mohawk College
Burlington, ON

Mr. Rob Meikle
Mr. Rob Meikle
CIO, City of Toronto and Pastor of Kingdom House Christian Centre
Brampton, ON
Ms. suanne De Boer-Miedema
Ms. Suanne Miedema
Trustee, De Boer Foundation
Concord, ON

David Morehouse
Rev. David Morehouse
The Journey Church
Moncton, NB
 Gerry J. O'Mahoney
Mr. Gerry J. O'Mahoney
Managing Partner,
Tralee Capital
Markets Ltd,
Oakville, ON
 Sharon Y. Ramsay
Ms. Sharon Y. Ramsay
Registered Marriage and
Family Therapist
Karen Reed
Ms. Karen Reed
Urban Worker
Vancouver, BC
Mr. Harry Spaling
Mr. Harry Spaling
Professor, Geography & Environmental Studies
Edmonton, AB
Ms. Bonnie Wurzbacher
Ms. Bonnie Wurzbacher
Chief Resource Development Officer, World Vision International
London, United Kingdom




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