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World Vision Canada has been supporting programs in Canada since 2005, working alongside a vibrant network of more than 100 local community partners including Salvation Army which operates in every region across the country. Together, we have supported over 69,000 Canadian children facing poverty’s limitations.

World Vision Canada has been reviewing its priorities as it works to build a strategy that focuses on brighter futures for the world’s most vulnerable children who are susceptible to the impacts of hazards and or being exposed to suffering, needs or threats while lacking the capabilities and assets to cope with them.  The charitable landscape in Canada requires our organization to show increased focus and new approaches to accomplish this. Going forward, World Vision Canada is concentrating on reaching the most vulnerable children in countries which are frequently affected by heightened violence, conflict, and instability, as well as economic and ecological distress.  These are often referred to as fragile states such as Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and South Sudan.  Pockets of fragility, including regions and cities, can also exist in countries considered more stable, for example, in Kenya, Niger, and Burundi. In light of this, World Vision Canada has made the difficult decision to end the current model of supporting programs here at home.

Canadians who want to support domestic causes are encouraged to do so through the community-based organizations and churches that have held a relationship with World Vision Canada for so many years.

World Vision Canada is proud of the impact we've made with our partners in Canada over the past 11 years. With your support, we look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable children.