Policy and Advocacy

What is policy and advocacy work about?

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World Vision staff meet with Federal MPs Isabelle Morin, Wai Young, Dean Allison, Russ Hiebert to discuss Child Protection
​Federal MPs Isabelle Morin (NDP), Wai Young (Conservative), Dean Allison (Conservative), Russ Hiebert (Conservative), and Wayne Easter (Liberal) travelled with World Vision to Thailand and Cambodia in 2012, to learn more about human trafficking and how communities, governments, and organizations like World Vision are responding. The MPs are pictured here with World Vision Canada’s Elly Vandenberg (far left), meeting trafficking survivors in Cambodia.

Advocacy means speaking up for people facing a problem or challenge, and making sure their voices are also heard. It means calling others to be part of the answer – and together, finding solutions that deal not only with the symptoms of the problem but with the causes underneath. It means building solutions that are not “band-aids,” but that create long-lasting, positive change – ideally impacting many lives. 

In our advocacy and policy work, we speak up to governments and others with power or influence, such as politicians, civil servants, UN officials and companies.  Because we work in nearly 100 countries, we have a deep understanding of what the world’s children are facing: issues like poverty, war, sickness, exploitation, and the inability of families to meet their basic needs.

We help people with power or influence to understand these realities, and we recommend ways they can play their part to bring about change for the world’s children.  Often, we start by calling for governments to get the right commitments or policies in place. Our next step is to ensure that those promises and policies are followed through.

In Canada, we advocate on three critical issues facing the world’s children:
  • Ensuring that children and mothers can avoid killer diseases and enjoy good health.
  • Protecting children from the worst kinds of harm: abuse, exploitation, and neglect.
  • Getting the maximum impact from our aid dollars, in the world’s most fragile places.

Child Protection

Boy from child protection project

Keeping Children Safe

Children have a right to grow up safely. Yet millions of children around the world experience abuse, violence and exploitation. Read More  

Child Health

Girl in Somalia

Keeping Children Healthy

In Canada, a case of pneumonia or diarrhea is rarely a life or death situation. But in much of the developing world, these illnesses can kill or disable millions of young children. Read More  

Speaking Out

Lady speaking in a public gathering

Keeping Governments Accountable

We work with our field offices to help communities speak to their local and national governments to hold them accountable to promises made for children’s well-being. Read More  



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