Partners in making a difference


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Hand in hand
We couldn’t do what we do alone. Our partners help make our work possible. Whether it’s the Canadian International Development Agency, corporations or individuals like you, together we are able to do so much. 

Safe Mom, Safe Baby
If you’re a parent, you know that having a baby can be a harrowing experience. In Canada, we are fortunate to have well-trained doctors and midwives, safe places to give birth, and access to medical interventions should something go wrong.

In Tanzania, having a baby can be life threatening. We’re working with the Canadian International Development Agency to make having a baby safer for both moms and their little ones. Read more. ​

Growing Partnerships

Man smiling in a big field

Working Together in West Africa

Farmers in West Africa are enjoying the fruits of our work with partners in Canada to increase their crop yields, improve the nutrition of their children and help them access support from their own governments. Read more  

Donating Products

Children recieving clothes from donations

Resources in kind

Your organization’s surplus inventory can help bring hope and create opportunities for children and families around the worldRead more  

Working with WFP

Children sitting with food in a school feeding program

Food Assistance Programming

Food crises affect the world’s most vulnerable people as rising food prices, transportation costs, and environmental factors that reduce crop yields make it difficult for families to meet their needs. Read more  



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