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Literacy Boost in Action

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Child smiling with school books
In Ethiopia, Literacy Boost is already making a difference in the way children learn. Rather than sitting in rows and listening to a teacher lecture – a challenging education format for many with different learning styles – kids sit around a table, working together and helping each other. Teachers support the children, but learning doesn’t stop at the school door. Outside the classroom, kids have the chance to use their hands to carve, build or shape letters in other creative ways out of wood, cardboard or whatever else they may find – a great opportunity for tactile learners!
On the weekend, children have a learning club at a volunteer’s home, where a small library has books the kids can borrow. There they continue learning through songs, stories and reading out loud to each other – proven methods for helping young people develop a real love of reading.
What’s the impact? Gobache Gari, a father in one of the communities we serve, said it best, “Before my son couldn’t even identify letters. But now he is even reading to me at home. The children love to come to this reading club – they want to come every week!”




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