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Save a generation from HIV and AIDS

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Reasmey with her baby
​Through World Vision, Reasmey received potentially life-saving medication that will prevent HIV transmission to her baby.
With her soft black hair and pink skin, fifteen-day-old baby Tum is a source of pride for her parents. In their mid-twenties, Reasmey and her husband Phorn have been uncertain, though, about their firstborn's future.
Reasmey says, "I tested positive with HIV when I had been in the care of the health center's doctor for one month. I received care and support from the staff at the centre for about six months and delivered my baby at a hospital near here. I continue to receive advice and support from the centre and soon will join the care group in my village."
"I hope that my baby will not have the same infection as me."
The support of Crisis Child Partners gives baby Tum an excellent chance of growing up healthy. Because of early detection, she and her mother received medication to prevent HIV transmission from mother to baby. The staff at the health centre also gave Reasmey nutritional advice.
Together with the Cambodian government, World Vision works on a project that includes educating high-risk groups on preventative measures against HIV infection. They include young men and women who are 18 to 35 years old. Members of the community are also provided with a blood-test assistance program as well as clean water, food, and shelter.
Save a generation from HIV and AIDS

Every day, AIDS kills 8,000 people-and infects another 8,200. More than 15 million children have lost their parents to the deadly virus and are hungry, sick and without adequate clothing or shelter.  Many of these orphans and vulnerable children are at risk of exploitation, or dying from starvation or disease.
Become a Crisis Child Partner today.
When you become a Crisis Child Partner, you can choose to help World Vision put a stop to the spread of AIDS and help provide care to a generation of suffering children.

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