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Child Exploitation and Abuse

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Young girl working in cigarette factory in India
​Many young girls have to earn their living in India's cigarette factories.
At age 11, Vimala joined the ranks of India's working children, rolling cigarettes for a boss who had loaned her mother about $300. Some days Vimala worked up to 15 hours a day to meet her quota of a thousand cigarettes, paying down her mother's debt 15 cents at a time.
For Vimala and nearly 120 million school-aged children around the world, going to school sounds like a dream. Some as young as five work full-time every day. The International Labour Organization estimates another 130 million children work part-time to help meet their families' basic needs.
Working children often face hazardous conditions. In many cases, they're at risk of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.
World Vision's approach addresses the root cause of child labour—poverty. Staff members strive to improve conditions for working children and eliminate the worst forms of child labour.
Through your generous support as a Crisis Child Partner, World Vision helps parents increase their household income so they can afford to send their children to school. In other cases, World Vision assists families to pay off their debts so children can be released from bonded labour.
Stop exploitation and abuse

The statistics tell a staggering story: 100 million children are homeless. Another 5.7 million children are trapped in deadly, dangerous, or forced labour. And more than 2 million children are enslaved in the sex trade-the victims of unspeakable abuse.
Become a Crisis Child Partner today.
As a Crisis Child Partner, you can choose to help World Vision end these atrocities by providing necessities such as safe, secure shelter, health care, counseling, education, vocational training and hope for a better, safer future.

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