Legacy Giving

Charitable Annuities

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grandmother and granddaughter
Reap the benefits of your own legacy by establishing a Charitable Gift annuity for as little as $ 10,000. Approximately 25 per cent of that amount will be provided to World Vision as an irrevocable gift of cash or securities, goes to work immediately to help the less fortunate of this world overcome poverty. The rest is used to purchase annuity that will provide you income for life

How you benefit:
  • Guaranteed income for life
  • A better rate of return than many other investment opportunities
  • You can receive immediate tax benefits 
  • Save your estate probate fees, thus easing the burden on heirs and loved ones later
  • See the difference your legacy is making in your lifetime

A Give –Give Proposition:
When you invest in a Charitable Gift Annuity you receive fixed income for life and tax benefits for you and your estate. 
The greatest benefit is to the impoverished people around the world who receive hope and a new life thanks to your lasting legacy.

To begin building your legacy, contacts us today: