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Why should I volunteer with World Vision Canada? 

One word: Need. There is such a great need for children and families living in poverty to have their voices heard. Our volunteers advocate and fundraise on behalf of these children by encouraging Canadians to partner with World Vision to make a difference. We need you!

How do I know which is the best volunteer opportunity for me?

This website has the most comprehensive information about all of our volunteer opportunities. Please take the time to read through and investigate the many ways you can use your life to make an impact. We want you to find the optimum position given your skills, interest and time.


How long before I can start volunteering?

Once you submit an application, our volunteer coordinators work hard to assess what your best volunteer match is. In some cases reference checks and interviews are required. We will contact you once your application has been fully processed. You can expect to hear from us within 10-15 days from when you submit your application. 


Why the in-depth application process?
3 Reasons:

1) World Vision Canada is committed to finding you the very best volunteer fit.

2) It is important to us to assemble the very best team of volunteers we can.

3) Our responsibility to our donors and the children we serve is important to us. Our application process helps us accomplish these goals.​​​​​

Can I bring a group to volunteer?

Yes!  We welcome groups of 8-20 people at our Mississauga office.  Find more information about volunteering with a group here.

Will I get community service hours by volunteering with World Vision Canada?

We are happy to have youth volunteers who are looking to fulfill their high school community service hours. We are committed to helping you find the right volunteer fit.  




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