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Five for 5 campaign photo. Group standing in the shape of a five.
​​The 5 for Five campaign urged supporters to take a stand for maternal and child health by calling on world leaders to make it a priority.

Actions speak loudly! World Vision advocacy supporters have stepped up and taken action to create a just world for children, their families and communities. With our Voices for Children community growing to over 25,000 members, decision makers are listening to our concerns and solutions to the impacts and causes of child poverty. Check out a few of our accomplishments:

Five for 5

Five years should not be a child’s lifetime – this was the message Canadian’s delivered to Canada's Prime Minister in 2010.

At the time, 8.8 million children younger than five years of age died from preventable health issues, like: pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition and complications at birth. Another 500,000 moms died in pregnancy or during or after childbirth. The Five for 5 campaign urged Canadians to take a stand by encouraging Canada’s Prime Minister to be a global leader on child and maternal health.


  • $1.1 billion from Canada and $6.2 billion from other G8 members and global actors were committed to maternal and child health  in 2010.
  • Two million more children are now living to their 5th birthday according to recent UN statistics.
  • 36,000 actions were taken by the Voices for Children community and the Canadian public.

Cooking Up Justice

Families living in poverty face many challenges to meet the nutritional needs of their children. In 2011, the Cooking Up Justice campaign helped Canadians understand what child nutrition problems look like and encouraged the Canadian government to address them. 

Globally, an estimated 146 million children are malnourished, including 19 million who are severely malnourished. A further 178 million children under the age of five years have had their physical and mental development permanently affected due to stunting.


  • World Vision partnered with celebrity chef and recording artist Roger Mooking to visit Cambodia to witness the nutrition and food security problems children face. When he came back, he spoke about the importance of healthy eating, and what Canadians can do to support good nutrition for children living in poverty.
  • Over 700 campaigners asked the Canadian government to unfreeze the aid budget and ensure that money was available to support nutrition and address the impact of food crises on children and their families.



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