Our Response to False Emails

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False emails still spreading false information
​Be aware of fraudulent emails in your inbox.
False emails and social posts continue to harm all charities by spreading financial misinformation.
We are aware of a malicious email that has been circulating. The email names World Vision Canada and a number of other charities, and its anonymous author makes several false claims about how your donations are being used.
All of the allegations made about World Vision Canada's president and the organization's use of funds are completely false.

False Allegations are Harmful
While unfounded, these allegations are having a negative impact on the life-saving work we do for children and their communities. We are sad to report that these false rumours have caused some people to cancel their sponsorships. It's devastating to think that one reckless email can have such an impact on the lives of boys and girls struggling to overcome the effects of poverty. 

We are also concerned that these comments call into question the steadfast commitment and integrity of our base of generous supporters as well.
Always Transparent and Accountable
Accountability in the use of funds and transparency to our donors are among our core values. We take these things very seriously at World Vision. As evidence of this: the facts about our executive compensation including the president's salary are published openly on our website, our annual report and independently audited financial statements are also available for review, and anyone with further questions can call World Vision Canada at 1-866-595-5550.
The Facts
As an organization, our goal is to help as many people as possible and ensure that donor funds are used wisely and efficiently. In 2015, we were pleased to report that over the past five years, an average of 80.5 per cent of our total income was used for programs that combat poverty.
Here are some additional facts about the President of World Vision Canada:
  • The president of World Vision Canada’s base salary is $215,000 annually.*
  • The president does not receive housing allowances of any kind.
  • The president does not receive any special benefits for his children.
  • The president does not receive paid holiday travel or lodging.  
  • The president does not receive health or pension benefits that are any different from other employees.
Deceptive rumours can be very damaging to World Vision's reputation, hindering the organization from focusing on the relief, development and advocacy work we do in bringing a brighter future to the most vulnerable children and families around the world.

*You may notice that the figure we report to Canada Revenue Agency on the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010) is higher than $215,000. This is because we are required to report not just base salary but all non-taxable employer contributions to benefits such as Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Group Insurance.



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