Artists and Speakers

Speakers and Events

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Speakers and Events
Our roster of speakers are available to serve your congregation and community.  While often these speakers can cost hundreds of dollars to secure, we will pick up the majority of these costs as part of our vision to partner with you and for the opportunity to briefly present the ministry of World Vision to those attending.

Our gifted communicators  have chosen to partner with us to offer their services to a variety of unique ministry events that could serve your church and your community.

Our list of speakers and events is updated regularly throughout the year and  includes bios, references and availability.  We welcome your input and encourage you to go online and fill out the information registration page so that we can keep you updated on whom we are working with and when we might be in your city or town.

Initial Speaker Roster:


Events List:


Thanks so much and we look forward to partnering with you. Check out the links below to find out how to become a World Vision Speaker and see more of our Speakers Roster.

For more information on booking a speaker for your event, email






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