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Joanne Goodwin

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Joanne Goodwin
Joanne Goodwin is a dynamic speaker who has often been referred to as Canada’s own “Barbara Johnson” She is constantly travelling and sharing what she has learned through her many trails and heartaches. Her unique ability to share her experiences with transparency and humour leaves her audiences laughing and crying, but most importantly, encouraged. Joanne currently resides in Sarnia, Ontario, she is the mother of three children and six grandchildren. She is married to Joe who is an interim Pastor and all around great guy and they will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in 2013.
Joanne is often seen on 100 Huntley Street TV program and has several audio cd’s of her speaking that have sold thousands of copies. Joanne is the first Girls Night Out speaker and spoke at the first 100 events across Canada beginning in 2005. Joanne’s latest accomplishment is a Master’s Degree in Theology from Tyndale University College and is always a delight to hear speak.​



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