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Couples Night Out and Girls Night Out

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Couples Night Out and Girls Night Out
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​Girls Night Out Logo
Couples Night Out  
Couples Night Out has the simple but effective vision to engage couples in communities across North America in an evening of fun, faith and fellowship.
The humour, ministry and personal reflections of our speakers will inspire couples to live, love and bless each other as God originally designed while the music from one of our artists will entertain the audience. 
Couples Night Out is an extension of the ministry of the Girls Night Out partnership. United by a passion to invest in the lives of women, we have produced over 170 Girls Night Out events across the North America since 2005.
Since 70% of the women who attend a typical Girls Night Out event are married, providing these women and their husbands or younger dating coupes with a fun and inspirational date night seemed like a natural progression for our ministry and the idea for Couples Night Out was born.
Enjoy an evening of fun and laughter with your significant other. Our speaker will have you rolling in the aisle with his commentary on life and relationships and our musical artist will certainly entertain 
Drawing from Biblical insight and his own life experience, our speaker will inspire you to live, love and laugh together as God originally designed
Make new friends with other couples from your area as you experience a great message that will keep you talking!
Girls Night Out is an evening of fun, faith and fellowship that is designed specifically for women. Its vision is to engage women with humour and inspire them with hope through comedy, storytelling, fellowship and a time of ministry. The event will bless the women attending and encourage them to draw nearer to the heart of God.
After 160 events across Canada we are launching our latest version of the event entitled “Recipes for Success”. While the format will be similar to past years each event will now feature a comic and speaker, continued fellowship time, a new gift book and a stronger and clearer gospel message at the end of each night. One notable change is the event could no longer run for free so a nominal $5.00 charge per ticket will be collected. Upon request, each host church will be sent free tickets to be used as outreach to the women in their community.





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