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Christian Artists
As a World Vision Canada Artist Associate, you will be acting as a “musical ambassador”, presenting the people in your audience with an opportunity to change the lives of needy children around the world through child sponsorship. Through your ministry, you are in a special position to make an impact on people who might otherwise never hear about the difference they can make through child sponsorship. Your contribution to World Vision's work is unique; no one else could do what you do, the way you do it.
The Winnipeg pop/rock act Starfield is proud of its association with World Vision. Now a busy touring band, they relocated to Nashville, home of their new record label EMI Sparrow Records.
"World Vision is an organization that saw the opportunity to partner with young bands and got their message out as a result," said Starfield singer and guitarist Tim Neufeld. He says that the Artist Associate program is in synch with his band's values. "There's a desire in us to make a difference with our celebrity. The way that World Vision is dealing with problems in developing countries appealed to us."
...Tim Neufeld
"Sing to the Lord a new Song, Sing to the Lord, all the earth" Psalm 96:1
Not an artist?, If you are a Church why not give your worship leaders a well deserved break one Sunday and let one of World Vision Worship's artist come and lead worship at no cost whatsoever to your church.
World Vision Worships is a unique ministry to the Canadian Church, providing accomplished musicians and singers as special guests to lead Sunday worship at congregations across Canada.
Click on the World Vision Worships link to find out more about our roster and how to get a worship artist in your church




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